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Does anyone know if any of the storefronts in London have photos of James McAvoy in them?  PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE YOU WILL MAKE MY DAY.

I did a little London sight-seeing yesterday.  All of this was a not-to-long walk away from my flat.  I didn’t realize that I live so close to the heart of London!  

The weather was crummy, so I didn’t take a lot of photos, but I’ve got nearly four months for that! 




Hey everyone; That Vegan Cosplayer here! I’m gonna be doing a li’l vegan give-away! Why? Because I love you guys and I like to give people STUFF! Why vegan? Well, I think that should be pretty obvious.

Simply REBLOG and FOLLOW me to enter the give-away! Please remember that the winner (yes – only one winner) will be chosen AT RANDOM! There is more information in the rules below!

This contest begins Monday, August 11 2014 at 8pm PST and will end Thursday, September 11 2014 at 8pm PST.

GOOD LUCK!!! (And yes – I will ship to the winner wherever they may be; even outside of the USA!)


  1. “Dominion” by Matthew Scully! – used but in good condition.
  2. “The Raw Truth” by Jordan Rain! – new.
  3. “Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World” by Bob and Jenna Torres! – used but in good condition.
  4. “In Defense of Animals: The Second Wave” by Peter Singer! – used but in good condition.
  5. “Forks Over Knives” DVD! – a documentary about plant-based eating.
  6. Various vegan pins!
  7. Various “Liberator” pins!
  8. Various vegan stickers!
  9. A copy of “Liberator Volume One: Rage Ignition” by Matt Miner, Javier Aranda, Joaquin Pereyra, Tim Seeley and Black Mask Studios – SIGNED by Matt Miner and myself!
  10. "101 Best Vegan Foods" by Publications International, Limited! - new (Added August 14, 2014)
  11. Two (2) boxes of Earth Balance vegan cheddar flavor mac & cheese! - Vegan, non-GMO. Not gluten-free, but supposedly nut and soy free. Requires vegan butter and non-dairy milk, as well as appropriate cooking utensils to prepare. (Added August 14, 2014.)
  12. Possibly more stuff on the way – WHO KNOWS!!


  1. There will be ONE winner, and that winner will be drawn RANDOMLY.
  2. You must both reblog this post AND be following me to get ONE entry! (This is also a MUST HAVE to be counted for other entries!)**
  3. Once rule two has been met, you may reblog this as many times as you like for more entries!**
  5. Your blog must be a PERSONAL blog that is JUST you! Please, no blogs run by multiple people.
  6. **I realize I listed my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook fan page as viable entries. I cannot actually keep accurate track of those who follow me on tumblr versus the names they will use on the other sites listed. HOWEVER, you may reblog this post as many times as you like for an entry (so long as you follow me as well).Anyone that has already told me about them following me on said sites will have their entries respected. (Updated 8-11-2014, 9:45pm PST.)
  7. Rules and items are subject to change! Please check this post regularly!


  1. Again, the winner will be RANDOMLY DRAWN!
  2. Once I have drawn a winner, I will check out their tumblr. If they seem like a real person, I will message them!
  3. If the message is not responded to within a week (7 consecutive days) of me sending it, I will draw another winner RANDOMLY.
  4. Once I receive a response back, I will send out the package!
  5. Please send me a current, accurate address and PLEASE make sure you are allowed to receive packages from outside sources!
  6. Keep in mind that this is a VEGAN give-away, meaning it will have tons of VEGAN STUFF. If I deem that your blog is in any way anti-vegan, I will RESELECT a new winner!
  7. Rules and items are subject to change! Check this post regularly!

want all of this

Do you have any regrets?

1. That I didn’t go vegan sooner.

2. That I didn’t study maps of London better and plan out trips before getting here.

3. That I didn’t know my mom was dying before she died of cancer, though that’s mostly because I was too young to understand (I was three, almost four).

4. That I didn’t get the cavity that I have filled in before leaving the U.S. for four months.  I was eating vegan ice cream yesterday and it started to bother me.

will you answer any question on here?

just about


Soffy & Taylor 

by Bivoir
Do you have anyone you hate? specific people or groups of people?


I got set up in my flat yesterday.  It’s strange to think that I’ll be living in London for the next four months…



hi mr. snuggles

this picture is just too cute i can’t even



hi mr. snuggles

this picture is just too cute i can’t even


burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it


Almost every vegan once said “yeah but I just can’t live without [x animal product].” And yet here we are, living happy and healthy without it.


That moment when you have to say “I’m allergic” instead of “I’m vegan” in a non-vegan restaurant, because

A) The staff doesn’t know what a vegan is and
B) They handle your food with much more care when you say you’re allergic to something than when you say that you’re a vegan.